LIVE Medvedev warns of NATO membership Finland and Sweden, Russia claims to take over the port of Mariupol Abroad

War UkraineRussian Security Council President Dmitry Medvedev has warned that talks on the non-nuclear status of the Baltic Sea would be in vain if Finland and Sweden join NATO. Follow the latest news about the Russian invasion of Ukraine on this live blog.

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Moscow is threatening retaliation for Ukrainian attacks on Russia. If attacks on Russian territory continue, Russian forces will attack those places in Ukraine where such decisions are made, including the capital Kyiv, the defense ministry said.

– The European Space Agency (ESA) is temporarily suspending cooperation with Russia and suspending three planned missions to the moon. According to the European organization, the Russian war in Ukraine is leading to ‘fundamentally changed circumstances’.

– The United States is considering publicly sending a senior US official to the capital Kyiv for the first time since the war in Ukraine.

– The US government is allocating another $ 800 million (about 735 million euros) for military assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

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