Liverpool and Van Dijk sweep out Manchester City before half-time and are in the FA Cup final Foreign football

Liverpool reached the FA Cup final again ten years later. Virgil van Dijk and his colleagues blew up Manchester City in the first half and did not give up a big advantage, although in the final phase it was very exciting: 2-3.

Both clubs competed on three fronts before squatting. Manchester City lead the Premier League with a minimal lead, with both clubs reaching the Champions League semi-finals in the middle of the week and Liverpool also winning the league cup at the start of the season. Both Citizens if Red is in an intense phase of the season, so Pep Guardiola makes some shifts. Nathan Aké was allowed to start again, as did Captain Virgil van Dijk’s team with Jürgen Klopp.

From the first whistle, Manchester City Wembley did not overshadow the side who has been leading the Premier League for months. The game was close to savage at times, and Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konaté received a high ball from the right, striking the ball in the air. It didn’t help that the City goalkeeper took too long a little later, so Sadio Mane slipped it off the ball: 0-2. Liverpool were handcuffed by the Premier League and Mane was back 0: 3 before halftime. The Senegalese stood at the end of a sublime attack with a beautiful blow Red.

So Steffen gave Manéle a 0: 2 silver platter

After the break, Guardiola was in better shape, which became apparent a little over a minute later when his formation returned something through Jack Grealish. The game became more intense in the second half and opportunities arose on both sides. For example, Aké once prevented Orange colleague Van Dijk from scoring with significant interference, while Gabriel Jesus was once prevented by his own compatriot, Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson. It seemed as though Bernardo Silva considered the game won before even taking the field, which resulted in a very uninspired start to the game. That was all.

Seven-time overall winner Liverpool (just) reached his first FA Cup final under Klopp. Van Dijk and his partner find out about the opponent tomorrow night, after the second semi-final battle between Chelsea and Crystal Palace.

That’s how Manchester City got hope

Sadio Mane scored two goals against Manchester City.
Sadio Mane scored two goals against Manchester City. © ANP / EPA

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