Magnus Sheffield benefits from INEOS surplus and solos until victory in Brabantse Pijli

Magnus Sheffield benefits from INEOS surplus and solos until victory in Brabantse Pijli

19-year-old Magnus Sheffield won the Brabantse Pijl 2022. After more than 205 kilometers of harsh and extremely entertaining trips, the first talented American from INEOS Grenadiers finished in Overijse. In the final, he took full advantage of his team’s surplus in a seven-member leaderboard.

The Brabant Pijl Day flight consisted of Ludovic Robeet (Bingoal Pauwels Sauces WB), Aaron Van Poucke (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise) and Ander Okamika (Burgos-BH). They soon drove away and were given more than four minutes to play INEOS Grenadiers, Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl and BikeExchange-Jayco.

photo: Color Vos

INEOS Grenadiers opens the final early
Rainy conditions did not make the road easier. The finals were thus opened by the men of INEOS Grenadiers, 80 kilometers from the finish. Ben Turner and Magnus Sheffield drove away with Victor Campenaerts, Alexander Kampi and Giacomo Nizzologa, but Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl reacted quickly.

It was Remco Evenepoel who crossed with Dylan Teuns and Tim Wellens. The situation was improved by AG2R Citroën, followed by a new wave of attacks. It also meant that, 63 kilometers from the finish, Robeet and Van Poucke remained the last refugees to be hit by a markedly thinned fearless. Ben Turner then tried it on the Moskesstraat and went to solo. Evenepoel and Campenaerts were relying on their ability to counter-attack.

An elite group was formed in this phase, which included Turner, Evenepoel, Campenaerts, Benoît Cosnefroy, Tom Pidcock, Magnus Sheffield, Dylan Teuns, Warren Barguil, Tim Wellens and Robert Stannard. They drove half a minute away from the packet, led by Israel-Premier Tech. Teuns was stabbed and fell back into his suit.

Remco Evenepoel takes the initiative – photo: Cor Vos

Evenepoel returns to the steering group
Barguil, Evenepoel and Campenaerts had problems with Hertstraat for the last time. They saw Pidcock, Sheffield, Turner, Cosnefroy, Wellens and Stannard drive away, but they managed to reunite at six at the foot of Moskesstraat. Holstheides then managed to free Campenaerts and Stannard in the middle, leaving seven in the lead.

The steering group started the last 22-kilometer local lap with a minute’s lead. There was a significant accident at the finish line in Peloton, as a Quick-Step-Alpha Vinyl support car ran out of a ride at the crossing. Among others, Julian Alaphilippe was struck on the ground.

All hands on deck were in the finals. After Hertstraat, Cosnefroy and Sheffield seemed to be leaving, but Evenepoel was able to close the gap in one fell swoop. That’s why the Moskesstraat started in the last seven groups. Sheffield and Wellens took the lead, but Cosnefroy, Evenepoel, Pidcock and Turner followed quickly. It seemed ready for Barguil, but he returned.

INEOS Grenadiers plays well in the surplus – photo: Cor Vos

In the background, Teuns, Xandro Meurisse, Michael Matthews and Andreas Kron (who later dropped out literally) had counterattacks, but it was over forty seconds from the front. At that point, it was already clear that the winner was in the lead. Nevertheless, poker was played in the front group.

The decision falls on the stockings
Only 19-year-old Magnus Sheffield sneaked in the stocking for the last four kilometers, and it was the perfect moment. His teammates Pidcock and Turner counterattacked all counterattacks, dramatically changing the gap by thirteen seconds. Sheffield did not relinquish the lead and was allowed to party in Overijse.

However, the pursuit group had to avoid the group with Matthews and Teuns, but they succeeded. In the second place sprint, crazy maneuvers were performed to the detriment of Remco Evenepoel. Cosnefroy crossed the line second, ahead of Wellens and Barguil. However, Wellens lost his third place after weighing due to an unacceptable deviation in the sprint. He was restored with a rash.

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