Manchester City fans have been silent for a minute, the club apologizes to Liverpool

Saturday’s FA Cup between Liverpool and Manchester City was marked by the annual Hillsborough Memorial. However, this was ruined by some traveling fans of The Citizens: the reigning Premier League champions apologize for that.

Friday marks 33 years since a large number of Liverpool fans were crushed in Sheffield. Before the half-cup final on Saturday, it was marked with a minute’s silence. However, the minute did not end: several Manchester City supporters expressed themselves verbally.

Even during the game, the club apologized. “We are extremely disappointed with such a move by some Manchester City supporters,” Sky Sports said. “The club sincerely apologizes to everyone involved with Liverpool.”

Liverpool finally beat Wembley 2: 3 and will face the final battle at the same stadium on May 14th. The opponent is Chelsea or Crystal Palace: two London clubs will play in the second semi-final on Sunday.

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