“Many European teams have no answer to Feyenoord’s style of play.”

Feyenoord has already written European history, reaching the semifinals of the conference league. Together with Liverpool, the Rotterdamers are the best performers in this European Year. Rijnmond’s podcast looks back on this achievement.

“You can see that many European teams have no answer to Feyenoord’s way of playing. “We’ll only see how planned it is in a few years, I don’t think Dutch clubs get this far every year in the conference league. Just look at the semi-finals: AS Roma, Leicester City, Marseille and then Feyenoord. It’s just a list of big clubs,” he added. Dennis van Eersel.

Frank Stout moved between The Legion. “Fans are also going to Marseille because it was another great trip, without any disagreements and fireworks incidents. I’m going for the fourth time this season and I’m starting to see why it’s so nice for fans to always go. Meet new acquaintances and that’s friendship. makes Feyenoord’s European matches so beautiful, especially for the youngest generation who have never experienced it. “

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