Marko gives a short update: “I found the cause of Max’s problem”

Red Bull Racing seems to have overcome the problem with Max Verstappen doing tricks during the Australian GP on Sunday. Helmut Marko says that the cause of the error has been found in the Dutch, but does not want to say anything about a possible short-term solution.

The start of the Red Bull season must be forgotten for the time being. Of the six times when the cars of the Austrian racing stable appeared at the start, the finish was reached only three times. Where it was hoped to produce the fastest car on the grid, Ferrari is to be preferred, and to make matters worse, the reliability of the RB18 is currently difficult to find. In Melbourne, too, it was hit again and Verstappen interrupted the race towards the end of the race with engine problems.

Marko speaks out

The Austrian racing stable announced the investigation immediately after the new breakdown and Marko announced late Quick week know that the cause of the world champion’s misfortune has been found. “We managed to find the cause of the fuel leak in Maxi’s car. The case is very complicated. The problem is absolutely different than in Bahrain,” said a team adviser. Graz’s man does not want to say whether a solution will be found for RB18 defects in the near future towards the next competition in Imola. So wait for the world champion.

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