Max Verstappen and Red Bull in 2022: “Ferrari season wins title”

Emerson Fittipaldi sees this as the season in which Ferrari could become champion in both championships. According to him, Ferrari has managed to overtake Red Bull by 2022.

The bee VegasInsider Former Formula One driver Fittipaldi says he has two favorites Ferrari and Red Bull for the title. “Ferrari saw difficulties last year and is therefore focusing on the refurbished car this season. They have made the most of the new rules on grip, compression and power. This year it will be between Ferrari and Red Bull.” I know Red Bull is fast and also Verstappen and Sergio Perez. They drive very hard. But there’s a good chance Ferrari could win that championship. They look very strong. ”

Leclerc vs Verstappen

This season it is mainly between Lecerc and Verstappen. Fittipaldi sees that both riders know they have a chance to become world champions this year, and that will help them do so. “They have decided to try to win the championship. They also know that they have a chance to win the championship. When a rider starts to see it and knows he has the potential to win the world title, he grabs it and drives 110 percent full.”

2022 regulations

After three races, Fittipaldi is also satisfied with the new cars and the changed regulations. “I think it’s a big step forward for a more competitive race. Looking back at the last two laps between Verstappen and Leclerc in Saudi Arabia, they drove a few turns very close. In recent years, it has been possible to do it with the old one.” In the last rounds of the race, the tires have already been used and they still challenged each other. I like. It’s a big step forward. ”

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