Mercedes collected data during the race through Lewis Hamilton’s car sensors

To say that Mercedes is having trouble with the porpoise this year is an underestimation. In fact, according to strategy director James Vowles, something was done during the Australian Grand Prix that often does not happen during the competition.

In a conversation with, Vowles says Mercedes has installed sensors in Hamilton’s car to collect data during the race. “Usually we don’t even consider putting sensors in the car during a race. The roads you need to know what’s going on. But of course it’s not a normal year and the car is already too heavy.”

Weight gain

Thanks to these sensors, the weight of the car also increased. However, there was not much difference between a car with Hamilton sensors and a car without Russell sensors. The weight of the cars is not the same anyway. “That’s the way it is with two cars, they are made of thousands of parts that make the car special for George or Lewis. Not everything weighs exactly the same. The weight is always different, but the weight of the FIA ​​showed.” The difference between the two cars was only a few grams. Lewis did a fantastic job with these additional sensors. ”

Worth the effort

According to Mercedes, it has been worth collecting this data and then making the car a little harder. Vowles thinks it could be important in the fight against porpoises and other problems. “It cost something, but it was a few grams and we needed it. It’s not like maybe you’ll find something that turns everything upside down and we’ll solve it in one race. But it gives us the information and knowledge we need to do it. in the future. “

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