Mercedes equipped the W13 with Hamilton sensors during the Australian GP to collect data

Mercedes supplied Lewis Hamilton’s car with sensors during the Australian GP last weekend. This is what James Vowles, director of strategy, said in an interview Dutch branch† The choice was unusual, but the CEO said it was necessary.

According to Vowles, it would not normally be worthwhile to put sensors in the car before the race, but in this case it was necessary. Mercedes used sensors to collect more data on W13 problems. “It simply came to our notice then. But of course this is no ordinary year and the car is already too heavy, “the Englishman points to the new technical rules.

Hamilton drove through the sensors in a heavier car than George Russell’s, but Vowles said it’s not so bad: “That’s how it works with two cars, they’re made of thousands of parts that make the car special for George or Lewis. There is always some fluctuation in the weighing, and the FIA ​​weighing showed that the difference in weight was limited to a few grams.

Despite the additional data, the Mercedes W13 does not find a quick solution to the problems

Mercedes has collected the necessary data through sensors, but this does not provide a quick solution to the problems. Vowles: “It’s not like you suddenly find something that turns everything upside down and we’ll solve it in one race. But it gives us information and knowledge about what we need to do in the future,” concludes the CEO of Mercedes.

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