Mercedes has a problem elsewhere: “It’s not in the engine”

Norbert Haug sees that Mercedes’ problems have nothing to do with the engine. The former vice president of Mercedes sees other things that are slowing down the team.

Mercedes is the only team this season that has not stopped yet and is even higher than Red Bull among the designers, but in terms of performance, the silver arrows are currently the third team in the table. Ferrari and Red Bull seem to have better control over the porpoises, and all the other Mercedes-powered teams are having a hard time. It seems that Mercedes ‘dominance at the designers’ championship is coming to an end.

Overweight in Mercedes

German branch Sky Sports explains a former Mercedes employee that it is not surprising that Mercedes’ dominance is finally coming to an end. “There are some rules in F1, and one of them is that dominance can’t last forever. It’s hard to make a car better, especially after those rule changes. If something goes wrong with the car, it will take time. The problem needs to be resolved.”

The engine is not a problem

Haug sees that Mercedes should not worry about the engine, but about other things. “I don’t think the engine is much worse than its competitors. In terms of engines, I think all manufacturers are at the same level or some are a little higher. The problem is the chassis. If I drive 180 kilometers an hour, it’s a motorcycle that’s no more than 100 meters “my teammate at 190 kilometers per hour, we will never reach the same top speed on the next straight line, no matter how long.”

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