Mohamed Ihattaren will make his debut in the cup final

Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 4:57 p.m.• Mart Oude Nijeweeme • Last Updated: 5:02 PM

Mohamed Ihattaren is part of Ajax’s selection of games for Sunday’s cup final against PSV, Mike Verweij reports. Telegraph† The attacker’s annexed midfielder was expelled from the group on Saturday afternoon in the Keuken Kampioen division game against Jong Ajax against FC Volendam, which has already sparked speculation. For Ihattaren, this is the first time he has been selected by the first team.

At the time of the press on Friday, Ten Hag already received questions about Ihattaren’s possible presence in the match selection, but did not answer them. However, the Ajax coach is positive about Juventus’ mercenary. “He is progressing, becoming more powerful and making great progress. He is, of course, a great talent, I hope he will continue the steps he has taken recently. If he is in the selection, I will let the players know first,” said Ten Hag.

On Saturday afternoon, it became clear that Ihattaren was not part of Jong Ajax’s match for Volendam, sparking further speculation about a possible debut. “He’s on the field early,” said John Heitinga ESPN† “The first team leads. He’s not the only one training. Ultimately, it’s Erik’s choice to declare.” A few hours after Heitinga’s statements will come Telegraph confirming that Ihattaren is with the group. This is the first time a former PSV player has participated in the A-selection.

Ihattaren has played for Young Ajax in the last three matches. He made his debut against NAC Breda and then scored a wonderful goal and a successful pass against TOP Ossi (4-1). Playing with Ihattaren led to dissatisfaction with TOP Ossis, who reacted with a few tweets to the presence of some players from the A-selection. “We have an idea that Ajax has a couple of players assigned to the wrong group this morning. Are Haller, Tadic and Anthony sitting comfortably at home in front of the stove?” According to the people of Brabant.

Mike Verweij gave a podcast on Friday Kick off Van Telegraph you can already wait for Ihattaren in the game selection. The debut against PSV would be extremely spicy for Ihattaren, as he left last August after a disagreement with the Eindhoven team. “Erik ten Hag was very enthusiastic about him,” said an Ajax follower. “I think he’s in choice. It’s a great time to make a gesture to this boy. Show him he’s on the right track. It has to be an incentive. He has to prepare well and make him an undisputed parent.”

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