mostly middle-aged men –

Bastard, almost everyone knows him. The kind of person who is always grumpy and unkind and kicks you when (or she) gets a chance. But do these bastards have anything in common? Of course, American researchers have discovered.

They asked almost 400 people to describe the biggest bastard they have ever met. It turned out to be very easy for participants, says lead researcher at the University of Georgia, Brinkley Sharpe. And what was amazing: surprisingly often it involved a middle-aged man.

“In terms of behavior, the bastards in question weren’t necessarily hostile to people. They just didn’t care what others thought of them or how others perceived them,” Sharpe continues.

Researchers came up with four common traits of annoying people: they were often hostile, not attentive or tidy, but they were neurotic and emotionally unstable. They also had a low rating of openness.

“The personality profiles of bastards resemble prototypes of psychopathic, antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders,” said study researcher Sharpe.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every bastard is a psychopath.

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