Motorcyclist disables five police cars during a spectacular chase in Germany Car

A total of five police cars were destroyed during the chase in the German city of Ahlen and a number of other cities. The fugitive managed to stay ahead of the agents for a long time with his old Golf 1.4. It was only when the car skidded that he was arrested.

The chase began when the witness turned himself in to police after seeing a suspicious vehicle driving through a business park early in the morning. When police officers wanted to check the vehicle and the driver, the car broke away.

Police officers chased a VW Golf through several cities, including Ahlen, Neubeckum, Ennigerloh and Oelde. Moments later, the fugitive drove to the A2 motorway, where he pushed several police cars off the road. At the bottom of the Beckum highway, he crashed into a number of police cars that tried to stop him.

Stolen license plates

As the 40-year-old driver was returning to the A2 motorway towards Dortmund at the Beckum junction, his car skidded and police locked him up. The man was subsequently arrested. Rescuers took him to the hospital for outpatient treatment. One police officer was slightly injured in the incident.

During the search of the car, the police found weapons, among other things. The enclosed license plates on the VW Golf 4 have been stolen and are very conspicuous as they have been marked with the letter ‘E’. In Germany, they are used to indicate that it is a modern electric car and that it does not rhyme with the older look of this Golf.

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