NAC takes a big step towards the playoffs after a late victory in Almere | NAC

Participating in the playoffs is another step closer to the NAC. The Breda team won 1: 2 against Almere City, the title contender of the last period, and therefore defeats the competitor De Graafschap. Naoufal Bannis won the match 1: 2.

It was a meeting on Saturday night between the eighth and twelve issues of Division I of Almeres. At first glance, an anonymous game in the middle bracket, but nothing could be further from the truth. As there are only a few pots to play, the stakes are high. For both teams. Almere is looking for the title of the last period to do something about the season and the NAC has yet to secure participation in the playoffs.

For this, the current eighth place in the NAC is sacred. Because if Almere takes a period, the number nine playoffs will not make it. The fact that the ninth De Graafschap lost on Friday and missed the opportunity to skip the NAC was a good thing for the people of Breda.


Almeres was a NAC Grandmaster in Odysseus Velanas. In the first half of his sleep, he offered the only thrill on the NAC side. With 25 minutes played, the visitors broke through on the right after some poor defending. His powder finished on the crossbar. What’s more, Almere City set the clock. Nick Olij kept his goal clean and escaped the injury.

The second half had barely begun, while Velanas made the difference again. A pass to the side pulled the defense out of position which let Yassine Azzagari slip through on goal. Gate number eight for NAC’s best goal scorer.


However, the joy did not last long. After an hour of play, the earned draw was scored from a corner kick, Dion Malone standing 1: 1. Almere pushed the NAC far behind in some places, Breda’s players could only come out with a sharp counter-occasional counterattack. However, Naoufal Bannis’s goal was blocked by the keeper.

Finally, it was time for the NAC to stop. Almere needed three races harder and went all-in. But the NAC’s defense withstood, squealing and squealing. It seemed to end 1: 1 until an error in Almere led to NAC victory. Velanas gave a successful pass and Bannis finished it: 1-2.

Due to a late victory, NAC is ahead of De Graafschap. With three games left to play, the difference is now four points.

NAC configuration: olives; Adiléhou (75th Ligeon), Malone, Bakker, Mashart; Azzagari, Welat, Banzuzi (75th Van Schuppen); DeRooij, Bannis, Velanas.

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