NEC may say goodbye to the routine early: “It’s coming soon”

Édgar Barreto may have already played his last game for the NEC. The 37-year-old midfielder has a hard time recovering from a knee injury, but he is not yet clear about his future.

Barreto has an expiring contract with the NEC and the Nijmegen team has not yet announced whether Paraguayan has a future at Goffert Stadium. “I don’t want to say that for Edgar, the season is over, but it’s a race against time,” Rogier Meijer says after a practice game with De Helenderland with sc Heerenveen (1-1).

“The day will also be short because we will have to train Edgar again when he returns to the field. In any case, we will do our best to get in shape before the end of the season.” If this fails, it is likely that Barreto will no longer return to the Dutch fields. Recently, the protagonist announced that he was disappointed in Ted van Leeuwen, the technical director, because he would like the NEC to stay longer.

Barreto has been playing at the NEC since the summer of 2020. He is working in Nijmegen for his second term. He also played for the club from 2004-2007.

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