New York police arrested a suspect (62) for a subway shooting

It is still unclear why James struck. Police are also investigating his statements on social networks. He criticized the new mayor of the metropolis, Eric Adams, on the Internet.

Police managed to arrest the suspect after people saw him and posted pictures of him on social media. Police also say James has been arrested nine times in upstate New York and three times in neighboring New Jersey. This included, among other things, sexual transgressive behavior, unauthorized possession, possession of tools for burglary and disorder.

Gas mask

The shooting happened when a subway car arrived at 36th Street Station in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Just before arriving, the attacker put on a gas mask and fired two smoke bombs before firing 33 bullets from a semi-automatic firearm.

Ten passengers were hit by bullets. Five of them are in critical but stable condition in the hospital. The other thirteen were injured when they escaped. Footage taken shortly after the shooting shows panicked passengers fleeing a smoky subway.

Mayor Eric Adams called on the residents of the metropolis to be “vigilant”, but he also said that there was no evidence that the perpetrator had an accomplice. “He seems to have acted alone,” Adams said. The motive of the suspect is unknown.

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