“Noah Lang is my disappointment, I don’t like his behavior and carelessness”

Noa Lang is a disappointing Belgian season. Philippe Albert, a former player and 41-time nationalist of Anderlecht and Newcastle United, says this.

After moving from Ajax to Club Brugge, Lang had a strong debut season, but the Orange team member was unable to continue this line this year. The 22-year-old striker is on fire regularly and Albert understands that.

“He is a disappointment for me in the regular race,” the former Red Devil told La Capitale. “I expected a lot from him because I enjoyed watching his progress last season.”

Albert is impressed by Lang’s qualities, but he is still outraged. “I don’t like his behavior and carelessness. In terms of purely talent, he may be better than De Ketelaer, but the mentality makes a difference.”

Under the guidance of trainer Alfred Schreuder, Lang no longer seems to be sure of the main point. However, a member of the Orange team with nine goals and 13 assists in 42 games is able to provide good results. Last season, he scored 17 goals with 37 games and scored 11 assists.

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