North Korea reports testing weapons for ‘more efficient’ use of nuclear weapons

North Korea says it has tested a new type of weapon to make the deployment of so-called tactical nuclear weapons “more efficient.” This was reported by the North Korean state news agency KCNA, which did not mention when the weapons were tested and what exactly was being done. The test would be successful.

According to the North Koreans, it is a weapon system that can be used for so-called tactical nuclear weapons. The weapons system is “the key to dramatically improving the strength of long-range military units,” the KCNA writes. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un attended the launch.

South Korea reports that it discovered two missiles fired from North Korea late last night. They covered about 110 kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of 25 kilometers.

A U.S.-based Carnegie Endowment weapons expert based in the United States told Reuters that it was probably a short-range ballistic missile. It would be North Korea’s first weapons system for tactical nuclear weapons that can be deployed on the battlefield.

A nuclear test on the way?

The United States and South Korea have previously reported activities on the North Korean military’s nuclear test site. Three weeks ago, North Korea said it was testing a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, with a longer range than North Korea had previously shown.

North Koreans have tested nuclear weapons six times since 2006. South Korean officials expect a seventh nuclear test sometime in the coming weeks. This could happen on April 25 or around April 25, when the North Korean military was formed.

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