On the problem of De Mos Eindhoven: “All PSV holders must leave”

Aad de Mos thinks PSV would do well to replace the entire range of goalkeepers. Joël Drommel, Maxime Delanghe and Vincent Müller are not all strong enough for the Eindhoven club, according to the former coach and analyst.

De Mos joins General newspaper† “All PSV keepers have to leave,” the former coach begins. “Mvogo is already going, but I would say goodbye to Drommel, Delanghe and Müller. Not everything is good enough.”

De Mos also points to the past. “PSV has a history with Van Breukelen, Van Beveren and Gomes. None of the four come close to them or come there. And if PSV is to be among the top 32 in Europe, the club must start with a foundation,” said De Mos, who led PSV. 1993-1994.

The former coach also responds to rumors that PSV is interested in Jasper Cillessen. “All the teams that win the cups have good goalkeepers. Cillessen? Don’t do it, always sick, weak or nauseous. I would choose a young goalkeeper who has the potential to rise to the absolute top,” he continues. “You need to make sure you find them through your network in Brazil or Argentina. That’s where good custodians come from today.”

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