Paris-Roubaix is ​​a “kind of reason” that Van den Broek-Blaak is still a cyclist

With Boom’s tips, they hope to perform better in SD Worx than last year’s edition. Then Elizabeth Deignan won after an 82-kilometer solo race. The best of the others was Marianne Vos. The first SD Worx driver was Van den Broek-Blaak in tenth place.

He was disappointed that he could not win the first edition. “I was seriously disappointed. I couldn’t attack or set a course. I hope to get it this year.”

He starts the race on a “regular” bike. “Part of our team rides a ‘Roubaix bike.’ But I feel most comfortable on the bike I always ride.”

“Maybe an advantage”

During his career, Boom himself tried to change from a road bike after 80 kilometers to a model that was better suited for cobblestones. He knows better than anyone how important the material is and therefore looks at the innovations that Team DSM can use for men. This team will drive a system that can adjust the tire pressure during the race.

The cobblestone strip has a lower tire pressure and the asphalt has a higher pressure. The boom is especially curious. “There’s something about it. But you have to see if there’s enough air in it to do it on all 28 tracks. If so, they might have an advantage.”

He is particularly interested in whether the innovation will work in the competition. “Sometimes things work in intelligence, but if you open the cobblestone section of the competition, it’s different.”

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