Perr Schuurs expressed doubts about the future of Ajax

April 16, 2022 – Perr Schuurs doesn’t know if he will be an Ajax player next season. The 22-year-old central defender believes he is at the age at which he has to play weekly – a guarantee he doesn’t have in Amsterdam. Schuurs hopes that his future will be clear soon. His contract with Ajax will run for another three years.

“I’m no longer a talent or a young boy who belongs in it. It’s important that I make a record,” Schuurs says the opposite. Limburger† Assuming everything in Ajax is in shape, the defender is not usually in the Eleven. He has been playing regularly due to injuries lately. “Whether the coach is going is not sure yet, but if that happens, the question is who will succeed him. And how will the new coach see me?”

Schuurs talks about thinking about his future. “I’m talking about it with my father and my agent. We have definite plans if one or the other happens. We have to see how it goes,” said the lawyer, who has no objections to the interest. “That’s good, yes, I don’t have to worry about that.”

Should Schuurs leave Ajax after this season, he has some “great opportunities” to pursue a career. “It’s nice to notice. And I said before: at this age, I have to and I want to play every week. Where it’s next season, we have to wait and see. I hope it’s Ajax. But it’s coming. It’ll be clear soon.”

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