“PSV can still count on Gakpo’s much-needed stay”

However, Cody Gakpolt may have longer good hopes for PSV. The attacker is in the interest of foreign clubs, but is considering staying in Eindhoven for a long time.

The Eindhoven Dagbladi Peshawar Podcast mentions the fact that Gakpol has no interest in blaming anything. However, he would consider a longer stay at Philips Stadium, so PSV could enjoy Eintovenaar even longer.

ED’s club observer Rik Elfrink thinks PSV Gakpo can present a nice picture. “He has to be one of the leaders and has already talked to the new coach Ruudi van Nistelrooy. The question is also what this season will bring. If he doesn’t become a PSV champion, will he leave the club only when he can handle the title? And the MM will play as well important role.

Earlier this week, it became clear that PSV wanted to go far to keep the winger at Philips Stadium longer. The Gakpo agreement is currently in place until mid-2026, but could be extended for another year under significantly better conditions.

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