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Marko gave an update today on a problem from last weekend when Max Verstappen interrupted for the second time this season. Hamilton is still respected by the Brazilian bid, Haas refused a million-dollar claim and is now trying to take the money from Uralkali himself, and this year’s Miami Grand Prix is ​​in doubt. It was Thursday, April 14th.

Red Bull has found a problem

According to Helmut Marko, the problem that made Verstappen put the car away from the P2 for the second time this season and score zero points has been found. Compared to the disruption in Bahrain, this is a different problem, but Marko is not yet ready to say what the problem is. He says that Red Bull has learned of this and that they are now looking for a solution. Read the full article? Click here!

The 2022 Miami GP is in danger

Following the announcement of the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix, three events are scheduled for next year in America. This year there are two in Austin and Miami. Miami is the first, but there seem to be problems. Local residents have expressed concern about noise levels. Residents of Miami Gardens, led by former Miami-Dade District Commissioner Betty Ferguson, want to cancel the race because of the noise from Formula One. Read the whole story? Click here!

Haas wants money from the late sponsor Uralkali

After Haas separated from the main sponsor Uralkala after the war in Ukraine, Uralkal planned to ask Haas for money. Or rather: demand money. However, the million-dollar claim, about $ 12 million from a pre-agreed contract, has been rejected by Haas. In fact, it seems that Haas now wants to make a claim himself. They demand accordingly now 8 million from the Urals themselves. Read the full article? Click here!

Hamilton receives an invitation from Brazil

Hamilton’s preference for Brazil is unknown to most and was confirmed last year on the Interlagos circuit. Hamilton now appears to be able to obtain a passport with Brazilian citizenship. The Brazilian Parliament has not yet voted on this, but Hamilton seems interested. This is a British dream. Read more? Click here!

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