Red Bull is in talks to extend its partnership with Honda until the end of 2025

Lars Leeftink

Christian Horner has indicated that he is pleased that Honda is still helping against the Red Bull and hopes that Honda will continue to do so until the end of 2025.

Since this season, Red Bull Powertrains have officially started working and both Red Bull and AlphaTauri are touring the Red Bull engine. However, parts are supplied by Honda, as many Honda employees work or work with Red Bull to inspect the engine as well as possible and add it to the 2022 car. Horner hopes Honda will continue to do so for as long as possible. just that, i want to continue this season.

Horner confirms the talks

In a chat together Magazine GQ The British leader of the Red Bull team says that negotiations are currently underway with Honda on whether they want to continue to play this role after the 2022 season. “Honda has been hugely good to us, allowing us to continue to use our technology, and it has worked well, especially with the major regulatory change over the introduction of E10 fuel. For 2023, 2024 and 2025, we are talking about continuing our existing relationship with Honda. ” Earlier this year, Marko also announced that Honda plans to continue supplying engine parts until the end of 2025. Thus, according to Horner, the final decision does not seem to have been made yet, but negotiations are underway.

All in one place

Ultimately, Red Bull certainly expects all work to be done in one place before 2026, but preferably earlier. So is engine manufacturing. This is to promote cooperation and speed, among other things. Horner notes that the goal is to have it completed by 2026. “This is definitely what we are preparing for in 2026. In addition to Ferrari, we are the only team in Formula 1 and certainly the only team in the UK to have all the activities under one roof in one place. It is hugely exciting and I think it will definitely advantage. “

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