Red Bull is talking about extending its involvement with Honda until 2025

Red Bull Racing is negotiating a possible extended partnership with Honda. This is what the team’s boss Christian Horner publishes in this interview Magazine GQ† Milton Keynes, for example, wants to further facilitate the transition to in-house engine production. Everything, including the production of engines, is important to do indoors at some point, the British stresses.

In 2022, Honda will no longer use the name Red Bull with its engines, but that does not change the fact that the Japanese engine supplier who left the sport after 2021 is no longer noticeable. Honda, for example, still assembles engines. It must end at some point, but this end is not yet visible.

“Honda has helped us tremendously by allowing us to use our technology, and it has worked well, especially since we made a major change to the rules for switching to E10 fuel,” said Horner, who said he was very pleased with the result. Continued involvement of Red Bull’s former partner.

“Looking at the years 23, 24 and 25, I can say that we are still debating whether Honda would like to continue our existing relationship,” Horner continues. In other words, if Honda is interested, they can continue to help Red Bull in the coming years. The question is whether this is a desirable situation in Sakura.

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