Riots in Sweden during a visit by far-right politicians

The visit of an extreme right-wing politician to Sweden turned into riots in which at least eight people were injured. Protesters clashed with police.

Sweden has been restless for several days in places where Swedish-Danish Rasmus Paludan speaks. The leader of the far-right party Stram Kurs (Harde Lijn) is touring the country, regularly provoking by burning the Koran.

In Örebro, 200 kilometers west of Stockholm, riots began before Paludan arrived. At least four police vans were set on fire and four people were seriously injured. Among the victims is a civilian who was hit in the head with a stone.

The police fired the hits of warning and distributed the intervening police to dispel demonstrators.


Earlier in the day, a meeting in the suburbs of Stockholm had already turned violent. During Paludan’s visit to Linköping on Thursday, three police officers were injured in the riots. In Jönköping, speech was disabled by the ringing of church bells.

Paludan founded the Stram Course in 2017 to fight for a strict anti-Islamic policy. Although known for provocative actions, the party failed to cross the 2 percent threshold in the 2019 parliamentary elections.

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