Russia’s flagship Moscow sank in the Black Sea

Moscow is one of Russia’s largest warships and the leading ship in the Black Sea, foreign expert Han ten Broeke told RTL Nieuws earlier today.

The sinking of Moscow has great symbolic value for Ukraine. The ship was used to capture Snake Island at the beginning of the invasion.

‘fuck you’

The Russian navy threatened to open fire, but the Ukrainians were not impressed. “Fuck you,” they replied over the radio. You can see this in this video from February 25:

According to Ukrainian media, Moscow was hit by Ukrainian cruise missiles Neptune. Russia denied this, but the state reported that a fire broke out on the ship, and the ammunition on it exploded. The crew had to be evacuated.

The ship was towed back to port, but sank on the way. It is unclear whether the fire on the 186-meter-long ship, which can accommodate more than 500 crew members, was either injured or killed. There are more than 100 air defense missiles and several cannons in Moscow.

The official order of the Ukrainian government on Twitter quickly responded – with a play on words – to the sinking of Moscow:

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