Rwanda will receive asylum seekers for the United Kingdom Abroad

The British want to limit illegal immigration. Access is part of broader measures to combat migration through the Channel. For example, the Navy will patrol the canal to stop refugee ships.

The measures are partly intended to deter people from dangerous travel. “The possibility of being sent to Rwanda will deter many people,” said Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the head of the government, it is also a blow to human traffickers who earn a lot of money by illegally transporting people from France to England. “It is better for people to apply for asylum legally.”


Johnson believes there are still lawsuits over the agreement with Rwanda. “But we do not think that we are violating any international agreements.”

The United Nations human rights organization, UNHCR, told The Guardian it would wait for Britain’s final plans, but UNHCR is concerned that one country wants to send asylum seekers to another. “UNHCR does not support contracting asylum obligations. This also includes sending asylum seekers and refugees to other countries, especially if their rights are not sufficiently guaranteed. ”

Interior Minister Priti Patel has traveled to Rwanda to provide more details, including where people should stay. Rwandan Minister Vincent Biruta says agreements have been reached to ensure that people are “protected, respected and supported in their ambitions”. They also have the opportunity to settle permanently in Rwanda if they wish.

The opposition Labor Party calls it an “unfeasible and unethical” approach to the refugee problem. It remains to be seen to what extent the British are monitoring living conditions in Rwanda.

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