Sam Welsford sped to his first season of Team DSM on a tour of Turkey

Sam Welsford sped to his first season of Team DSM on a tour of Turkey

Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 1:28 p.m.

Sam Welsford won the fifth leg of the Tour of Turkey. The Australian was the fastest in the bundle print after 192 kilometers after a serious accident in the last kilometer. Jasper Philipsen came in second and Arvid de Kleijn finished third.

Despite the high probability of a bundle print, many riders wanted to take an early break during the opening phase. Finally, after 35 kilometers, Feritcan Samli (Spor Toto) was able to drive. A moment later, Michel Stockman (Saris Rouvy Sauerland) from Belgium joined Saml. Both took the lead in more than six minutes.

Duet led
However, there was already an acceleration in the peloton after half a run. Thanks to Human Powered Health, Alpecin-Fenix ​​and Israel-Premier Tech, which ranked second with Patrick Bevin, the gap with refugees narrowed about sixty kilometers before the end. Peloton then broke into two under the influence of the wind.

But it didn’t last long. The second group was able to return to the first group within ten kilometers, after which five passengers formed a new steering group. Again Michiel Stockman, this time joined by his brother and teammate Abraham Stockman, Maurice Ballersted (Alpecin-Fenix), Elchin Asadov and Batuhan Özgür (both Sakarya BB). The latter showed his fast legs in the intermediate print.

New flight group
Peloton, where the pace was made by the classification leader Eduardo Sepúlveda Drone Hopper-Androni Giocattoli, gave the five no more than thirty seconds. In addition, Abraham Stockman had to be released fairly quickly at the front, and Ballersted did not work at first. Later, the 21-year-old German started striking, but it was clear that he only had the most time when the quartet was taken. He accelerated a dozen miles ahead.

Only Özgür was able to follow Ballersted. Even as the Alpecin-Fenix ​​rider accelerated a second time, the Turk was able to follow. After that, the two of them continued to drive for a while until Ballersted went just under three miles from the finish of the solo. The young man did everything he could to stay ahead, but it was over for him two kilometers before the end. The race would end with a bunch of sprints.

Falling in the last kilometer
Before this bundle print, there was a serious accident in the last kilometer. It happened quite at the top of the pack, but the biggest favorites of the stage win still managed to spurt. In the end, Welsford remained the strongest. The Australian trumped Jasper Philipsen and Arvid de Kleijn. It was the first victory of 2022 for Team DSM and the first victory of Welsford’s professional career.

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