Savic and Grealish are also arguing after the police must intervene

The unrest continued after Atlético’s Madrid-Manchester City match. The police had to be called in to separate the angry players.

Things went wrong in the final phase of the match after Man City’s Phil Foden was knocked down. It went with the necessary theater, but it caused a lot of unrest and confusion. Jack Grealish and Stefan Savic then quarreled. Spanish police ran into the players’ tunnel to prevent it from getting worse. Exactly what happened remains unclear. Savicit was seen pulling Grealish’s hair, but it happened in the square. The police then went to the changing rooms to calm down.

Manchester City and Madrid’s Atlético did not reach 0-0 in Spain. As a result, the English club will advance to the semi-finals of the Champions League, where they will play against Real Madrid.

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