“Schmidt and De Jong wanted to talk to me, but I wanted to go to Ajax.”

Steven Berghuis will return to Ajax on Sunday at the stadium in Ajax, where he played no less than four seasons. Not against Feyenoord, but against PSV, against the club, which he could have earned.

If Berghuis’ departure for Ajax was not yet clear, he could go to VfL Wolfsburg and PSV. “It was a serious option for Van Bommel. For me too,” he told PSV in a conversation with Algemeen Dagblad. “I was younger then, 27th PSV played in the Champions League. I even thought I might be able to take the next step through PSV. Last summer, Roger Schmidt also wanted to talk. And John de Jong (technical director of PSV, ed.) That he wanted me “

“But I decided I wanted to go to Ajax, partly because Ajax was now confident in the Champions League sub-tournament,” Berghuis added immediately. “There has been no more discussion with PSV.”

It was important for Berghuis to make the right choice. “I also discussed this with Georginio Wijnaldum during the European Championships. She said: if they can get you someone else, clubs will do the same† That’s how it goes. The career is short. Choices are crucial. I think you can watch it for business too. As a supporter, you can sit on the club’s stands for twenty years before the Champions League comes. The player doesn’t have that time. “

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