Seidl: McLaren has three reasons for better

McLaren started the season poorly, but during the Australian Grand Prix, the British racing stable seemed to have found its way up. The fifth and sixth places of the drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo could be satisfied. That meant a double-ended ending and team leader Andreas Seidl says there are three reasons for this.

The boss of the McLaren team has been working hard lately to keep the team up to date with the top teams. They didn’t start the season as they had hoped. During a winter test in Bahrain, the MCL36 ran into braking problems that prevented it from passing the program. The opening race in Bahrain had an interim solution, but it did not lead to any points. It was not until Saudi Arabia that Norris put the first points on the table McLaren, after which both riders were on the scoreboard during the Australian GP.

Seidl: “More than just a story”

According to the team, there are three reasons why performance has improved. Norris owes McLaren’s strong performance mainly to the layout of the side street. Still, Seidl sees two additional reasons why they are on an upward trend. “We introduced some small innovations that worked, the layout of the track fits our current package, and we just got to know our car again in Jeddah,” said Seidl. Motorsport.comÜ We could apply it here. It also makes us more competitive, not only in one round, but also in a race.

The team boss also admires the actions of Norris and Ricciardo after crossing the finish line together. “I’m probably very happy with Lando and Daniel because they need two strong drivers. They showed their class again this weekend.

It was celebrated after McLaren’s result. However, Seidl is wary of over-optimism. Further steps are needed to continue this. “This result is a great source of motivation for all team members to continue working hard as we are now in a position to make progress and fight for the top ten.” But we are not yet where we want to be. So we still have to work hard, “said McLaren ‘s team leader.

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