Slot was visibly upset after another Ajax question: “I hope I’m clear now”

The fact that Ajax will have to look for a new head coach for Manchester United due to Erik ten Hagi’s imminent departure is ESPN probably more important than a possible semi-final in the Feyenoord Conference League.

Arne Slot has been mentioned for weeks as a possible successor to Ten Hagi, who also returned when Feyenoord recently joined. Studio football† “I couldn’t imagine it right now. It’s actually a very strange question for a coach who still has a two-year contract,” Slot replied at the time.

Slot reacted with obvious irritation. “I think it’s weird that I have to go back to it every time. I’ve said many times that I can’t imagine it. How much clearer do I have to be?” The trainer also considers the timing to be very remarkable (in addition to the question itself).

“I think it’s weird, to put it mildly.” “I hope I’m clear now and I’ll use that answer until Ajax has managed to find a new coach.”

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