State television Russia shows captured ‘British mercenary’ | Abroad

Aiden Aslin was captured by Russian soldiers after he fought as a volunteer with the Ukrainian army in Mariupol, in the east of the country. Russian state channel Rossiya 1 showed pictures of the 28-year-old Briton.

The video shows and hears Aslin being asked why he fought in Ukraine. News anchor Andrey Rudenko described Aslin as a mercenary and said he “fought in the Nazi newspaper in Ukraine”.

Rudenko also said the imprisoned Briton could shed light on “the actions of Western intelligence services in Ukraine”. Aslin himself, who looks devastated with bruises on his arms and face, has been living in Ukraine with his fiancée since 2018, and was supposed to marry her last week.

Meanwhile, Aslina’s family responded to the Daily Mail. “It’s shocking for us to see Aiden like this,” said his younger brother Nathan. “What did the Russians do to him?” She looks horrible, completely exhausted. His face has lost its color. “

A few weeks ago, Aslin was still in good spirits.

A few weeks ago, Aslin was still in good spirits.

His family hopes Moscow will treat the young Briton humanely. “I adhere to Vladimir Putin’s terms of the Geneva Convention. Aiden is a member of the Ukrainian armed forces and as such is a prisoner of war and should be treated as such. “

‘He must hand us over’

Aslin is a former health worker who previously fought with Kurdish armed units in Syria against the Islamic State, but has been living in Ukraine since 2018. Aslin himself tweeted on April 12 about the fighting in Mariupol. “It started 48 days ago. We did our best to defend Mariupol, but we have no choice but to surrender to the Russian troops … Everyone was pleased – I hope that this war will end soon. “

Robert Jenrick, an MP in Aslin’s hometown of Newark, Nottinghamshire, tweeted yesterday that he was working with the State Department to secure Aslin’s release. Aiden has decided to risk his life because he passionately believes in the right of the Ukrainian people to live in freedom and democracy.

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