Supporters of PSV and Leicester City will celebrate the big party before the meeting

It is busy in the center of Eindhoven before the PSV – Leicester City game. The match, which starts at a quarter to seven, will determine which club will play in the semifinals of the conference league. Football fans at both clubs are having a party. They are all confident that their club will win.

Eindhoven’s Markt terraces are full of English football supporters from Leicester City. English fans are certain: they will win. PSV supporters celebrate in the crowded Stratumseind. They also have full confidence in their club. “PSV is just better,” says one fan.

PSV fans celebrate in Stratumseind.

Despite the fanaticism, the center has a friendly atmosphere. Supporters sing loudly, holding a beer. Some fans enjoy the bare-breasted sun and a pleasant 19 degrees. Leicester City supporters say they have been “warmly received” by the opposing team.

Two PSV fans were present early this morning, all the way from IJmuiden. “The sooner we get there, the better. The market is wonderful in the sun. There’s a good atmosphere and if we win later, the party will be even bigger.”

In addition to football fans, there are also many police officers in the city center. A large audience is expected for the game. As a result, more and more police officers are entering the crowd in the afternoon.

Khun Topi, chairman of Leicester Ciry, was greeted by supporters as he walked past the market square. Supporters who call themselves a blue army sang aloud to the chairman.

The chairman of the English club visited the city center.

Leicester City speaks of a “beautiful moment” when the chairman visited the city. Supporters had their cell phones ready when he arrived.

Despite the fact that the municipality of Eindhoven warned supporters about traffic disruptions due to work, there is little traffic. Many people walk downtown.

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