Suspect (62) arrested for shooting on the New York subway

The shooting happened as a subway train arrived at 36th Street Station in Brooklyn.  Image of Corbis via Getty Images

The shooting happened as a subway train arrived at 36th Street Station in Brooklyn.Beeld Corbis via Getty Images

Frank R. James, 62, was detained in Manhattan, the official said. More details are not yet available, he said.

Detectives said Tuesday afternoon they were looking for James, who is believed to have rented a van that could be linked to the violence. On Wednesday morning, New York authorities said he was suspected of the shooting itself. Authorities investigated videos on social media in which the 62-year-old described the United States as a racist place flooded with violence, and also criticized New York Mayor Eric Adams.

Online tirade

Frank James, who babbled about the homeless and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, showed up because he was connected to the crime scene. Police found a man’s credit card at a subway station, with which James rented a van in Philadelphia. Investigators also found the keys to a van James had rented and left near the subway station. There were clothes and other items in the van that belonged to James.

In recent years, the suspect has posted dozens of videos on social media with long taunts about the homeless and New York Mayor Eric Adams. “I am a victim of your mental health rules,” he says in a video shared on the YouTube channel ‘prophetoftruth88’. “I am full of hatred, full of anger and full of bitterness.”


The man says he has a mental illness. He calls New York Mental Health Services a “horror show.” He accuses the institution where James says he is being treated of violence. “Not physical violence, but the kind of violence that a child experiences in primary school that would make him go for a gun mothers * e to shoot.”

Since the video was discovered, Mayor Adams has received additional protection, police report. Authorities offered a reward of $ 50,000 for information leading to the arrest of the attacker.

The shooting happened when the affected subway train arrived at 36th Street Station in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Just before arriving, the attacker put on a gas mask and fired two smoke bombs before firing 33 bullets from a semi-automatic firearm.


Ten passengers were hit by bullets. Five of them are in critical but stable condition in the hospital. The other thirteen were injured when they escaped. Footage taken shortly after the shooting shows panicked passengers fleeing a smoky subway.

Mayor Adams called on the residents of the metropolis to be “vigilant”, but also said that there was no evidence that the perpetrator had an accomplice. “He seems to have acted alone,” Adams said. Police do not consider the shooting a terrorist act.

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