Szafnauer hopes the FIA ​​will investigate Ferrari and Haas cars

Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer is confident that the FIA ​​will “investigate and draw the right conclusions” about the similarities between Ferrari and Haas cars.

Scuderial has had a strong relationship with Haas since the American team entered the Formula One series in 2016. Now there is concern about the cooperation between the two teams. Before the season, the Gene Haas racing stable moved to a design office located in Ferrari’s home in Maranello.

“I thought the order of pecking would remain the same”

The FIA ​​was allegedly approached by teams seeking clarification on the situation in Haas-Ferrari and wondering whether the two cars were too similar. “This is a small team that has done well during the winter, rising to the third place in the last place and it is a bit surprising,” said Szafnauer Haas. That’s why he had imagined a second year. “I thought the order of pecking would remain more or less the same, because in the years I’ve been in Formula 1, the bigger the rule change, the more preferred are those with the know-how, infrastructure and resources. Take advantage of the new rules. , “says the team boss from Aston Martin.

“Trust the FIA”

He therefore believes that non-regulatory practices have taken place in Haas and hopes that the FIA ​​will launch an investigation into this. “So it’s a little surprising that Haas is where it stands for such a small team, but I believe the FIA ​​is investigating and coming to the right conclusion about the similarities between the two cars,” he concluded.

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