FC Emmen returned to Eredivisie after winning the Dordrecht

FC Emmen will play for Eredivisie again next year. The Riwal Hoogwerkers stadium in Dordrecht was too strong for FC Dordrecht. Rui Mendes was Drenthe’s great man again, scoring the only goal: 0-1. With the victory, FC Emmen is sure to make it into the top two of the chef division. After the Drenthe club … Read more

Is Drenthe even richer at Eredivisie after tonight?

In the meantime, hard work is being done on a possible promotion party. As you get closer, the blood of a fan of FC Emmen flows faster in the blood vessels. It’s the same party four years ago. Although there are differences. At that time, the promotion came unexpectedly. At Rotterdam Castle, Sparta was defeated … Read more