Terrorist Salah Abdeslam deplores victims of Paris attacks: ‘Please forgive me’ | Abroad

The main suspect in the Paris attacks in November 2015, Salah Abdeslam, apologized in court to ‘all the victims’. Other attackers committed suicide or were killed.

The apology arrived at the end of his three-day testimony. “I want to express my condolences and apologize to all the victims,” ​​the 32-year-old said. “I know the hatred is permanent. Today I beg you to hate me moderately. ” He also asked for forgiveness.

Jihadist attacks on the Bataclan concert hall and the Stade de France, among others, killed 130 people and injured hundreds. Victims were shot at and bombs fired. Abdeslam is the only survivor who escaped. He was arrested in Molenbeek, Belgium in March 2016.


Abdeslam wore a bomb belt in Paris. It didn’t work. The man himself says he changed his mind, but according to the co-accused, who allegedly provided weapons and logistical support, Abdeslam did not dare. Another suspect thought he remembered Abdeslam saying the day after the attack that his bomb belt was not working. Abdeslam had previously admitted to lying about his belt with a bomb.

Do you regret not having the ‘courage’ to go all the way? ”His lawyer Olivia Ronen asked him. “I do not regret: I did not kill those people and I am not dead,” Abdeslam replied. – I think to myself: if they only knew why they ran away.

He also asked the three co-defendants on trial for helping him escape after the attack to apologize. “I didn’t want to drag them into this,” Abdeslam said.

Murder and hostages

A total of twenty suspects are on trial in a court in Paris. Abdeslam is the only one directly charged with murder, attempted murder and hostage-taking. During the trial, the suspects answer questions, among other things, about the origin of the weapons and planning the attack.

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