The British Secretary of State has resigned over Prime Minister Johnson’s sentence for the Crown Abroad

British Secretary of State for Justice David Wolfson has resigned over a breach of the crown by government officials. It is the most far-reaching reaction in British politics after Prime Minister Boris Johnson was punished on Tuesday.

In total, more than fifty sentences were imposed for drinking and partying during quarantine. In addition to the prime minister, his wife Carrie and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak were also fined. The prime minister apologized again on Tuesday, but also defended his behavior again.

Wolfson wrote in his resignation letter to Johnson lamenting “repeated violations” and “violations of criminal law.” He says it is not just about what happened, but also about the official response to the scandal. “Since we disagree about these things, I have to ask you to accept my resignation,” Wolfson wrote.

Johnson said he was sorry to receive the letter and thanked Wolfson for his services. “The government has benefited from your many years of legal experience,” the prime minister said.

The British Prime Minister was under heavy fire earlier this year partygate, but too few party members turned against him to force a vote of confidence. Even now there are internal criticisms of Johnson. British newspaper Guard writes that some parliamentarians want Johnson to resign, as he has done so far, but also that some have withdrawn the call due to the war in Ukraine.

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