The FIA ​​confirms: the teams will be in favor of six sprint races from 2023 onwards

Lars Leeftink

The FIA ​​has confirmed that all teams are in favor of increasing the number of sprint races to six from 2023 onwards. There will be three more sprint races in 2022, but that seems to be changing.

The FIA ​​has not yet decided whether there will actually be six sprint races in 2023, and will first assess whether this is a realistic and achievable goal for all involved. Only when this is certain will a decision be made and Formula 1 will start in six sprint races from 2023 onwards. It will then be done in the same format as in 2021 and 2022.

FIA statement

The FIA ​​says the following about the meeting in London. “Of the three sprint races of the first 2022 season that proved popular with fans and stakeholders at the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix last weekend, Formula 1 and the teams have advocated expanding to six sprint races in the 2023 season. The same format as in 2022. The FIA ​​supports the principle. , that the number of sprint events is higher, but will continue to assess the impact of this proposal on its facilities and staff and provide feedback to the Commission.

Other decisions

Other decisions were made. For example, by 2023, every driver must have a helmet doll. The camera took spectacular pictures this year and last. Among other things, it gave a good picture of the porpoise fishing, which will be dominant again this year. Also, from 2023, the number of dry tires on the weekend will decrease from 13 to 11.

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