The Netherlands is entering the new season thanks to Feyenoord and Giole as the 6th number one in Europe

Sour grapes in Eindhoven, conference league fever in South Rotterdam, odds party for Dutch fans. The Netherlands has only one European trump card left this season, but it is still more than its pursuer Portugal: and so it is already certain that we can start the new season in Europe in sixth place.

PSV opened with a ball loss against Leicester City and left the European stage without odds. Feyenoord took 0.400 for the victory in Prague, plus a 0.200 bonus for entering the semi-finals. Sporting Braga had to extend against Rangers FC, remained nine and was the last Portuguese club to go down.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s help was not inconvenient, but in reality it no longer mattered. Even if Braga had reached the semifinals of the European League, the Netherlands would have been out of sight by the end of this season. Thanks to Feyenoord, we can finish in the leaderboard next season. And perhaps the diptych with Olympique Marseille is the number five starting signal for the French yacht.

Ranking of virtual coefficients 2022/2023
5. France 48 414
7. Portugal 43,716

The Netherlands has an important advantage in hunting for an additional championship ticket: the distribution of tickets for the coming season is based on the ranking of the 2020/2021 odds. The Netherlands was still seventh at the time, so we only have five European representatives next season, and six in France and Portugal again. The points that Dutch clubs take are therefore relatively more worthwhile, and we have a hard time this season. If the Netherlands is still in sixth place in May 2023, an additional European ticket will be added in 2024. So on to even more beautiful things, the rest of this season and next season.

Top ten in the current odds rankings
1. England 105 498 (19 857) (4/7)
2. Spain 95 427 (17 714) (2/7)
3. Italy 76 045 (14 857) (1/7)
4. Germany 74 070 (15 071) (2/7)
5. France 59 915 (18 250) (1/6)
6. Portugal 53 382 (12 916) (0/6)
7. THE NETHERLANDS 48 500 (18 400) (1/5)
8. Austria 38 850 (10 400) (0/5)
9. Scotland 36 100 (7 100) (1/5)
Russia 34,482 (5,300) (0/5)
(By the way: number of points this season and number of representatives)

Bron: Bert Kassies

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