The “new” face of the ADO Den Hague group: “I can mark this dream now”

Ruud Brood has left, his right hand Giovanni Franken was ill, so Edwin Grünholz stood in front of the ADO Den Haag group on Friday. This was his first time. Grünholz saw the ADO beat Jong AZ: 0: 1.

Sick Franken blamed the ADO club icon Grünholz, 52, who is also the coach of the second division Quick Boys. The atmosphere in Alkma was a little different than usual.

“You know, nothing unfortunately for Jong AZ, but it wasn’t that special in terms of escorts. I’ll be back to the Quick Boys complex tomorrow, which is much more impressive. On the other hand: I’m a boy from The Hague and if you’re an ADO trainer, the escorts don’t really matter , “said Grünholz General newspaper.

Grünholz has been admitted to the UEFA course, but he does not yet have the right papers. “I always talked about it with my brother, who has unfortunately left us. He always said: one day you will become an ADO coach. The fact that it will happen is special and I consider it dear. Now I can mark that dream.”

“I hope to be an assistant again on Tuesday,” Grünholz told Omroep West. “It’s going to take some time with Giovanni. If I didn’t know anymore, I could call him, but there was so much help that it wasn’t needed.”

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