The Russians have confirmed the sinking of their flagship Moscow in the Black Sea

The main ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Moscow (Moscow), sank. Russia’s Defense Ministry said the warship was wrecked in stormy weather during a rescue operation.

It was the story of this day of war in Ukraine: the fire in great and prosperous Moscow.

The Ukrainian army claimed this morning that it hit the Russian leading ship with rockets. The Russians have long confirmed that a fire broke out on the ship, but denied that Moscow was hit by Ukrainian missiles. Ammunition exploded, Moscow said. The fire forced an entire crew of 500 people to disembark.


Earlier in the day, out-of-office general Mart de Kruif was surprised by the ISO’s vulnerability in the 186-meter-long Moscow. “Such a ship always has a layered defense and sees things coming.”

If a ship is attacked, it is a “thought-provoking feat,” De Cruyff said. “Obviously the Russians do not have a proper defense system on these ships. If the ships are so vulnerable, it also has consequences for a possible landing from the sea near Odessa.”

Moscow was put into service in 1982 in the former Soviet Union. The warship led attacks by the Russian navy on targets in southern Ukraine.

cruise missiles

Cruise missiles were fired from the ship. They say the launch installations were intact after the fire. The sinking of the ship reduces the shooting possibilities of southern Ukraine.

The loss of the ship overshadows Russian claims about the capture of a large metal factory in Mariupol. According to Ukraine, the battle for the city is not over, and the port is not in Russian hands either.

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