The vein likes nothing more than knocking hockey sticks: “Probably glands and balls”

“Talk, talk, talk everything away from yourself,” turns out to be the solution. Veen seeks help, including from her parents, club people, and a psychologist. “If I don’t play hockey this season, I won’t play hockey for a year. If I get it again after that, that’s the most important thing,” Veen said to herself last year. “By removing all the pressure and stress, things get better very slowly.”

“At first I didn’t know if I still wanted to play hockey because it was miserable,” says Veen now. But it started to itch. He went to a hockey club a few times and noticed: I’m actually pretty good. “Then I started building it very slowly.”

Veen smiles again

On March 20, 2022, the girl’s dream, which was abruptly interrupted in 2019, will continue. Returning to Amsterdam in the Dutch Grand League, Veen rams the ball hard into the roof of the goal one minute before the end.

A month later, at the Wagener Stadium in the Euroleague Ice Hockey, his boyfriend notices that old Marijn is back. “Marijn, who is very cheerful again, open-minded, relaxing and conversational, Marijn, whom I know during the game days.” The smile in my vein is back.

Her mother sees it too. “The child is happy to be on the square again, how beautiful is it? big smile she does what she loves most. It makes her mother very happy and happy. ”

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