Touched by fans, Flemming is in the best of Fortuna’s charged atmosphere

According to him, the team brought too little, but with some winter additions it went better. Flemming also scored again after a false start with a ban and injury, now seven times. But the situation is still dire. “There’s secretly something beautiful about it. When you enter the stadium, you feel the charged atmosphere. I get energy from it.”

And that gives face to Fortuna, the club that, after returning to Eredivisie, brought players from all over the world to survive at the highest level with a limited budget. But now it has a Dutch face again.

Flemming could have even been one of the acclaimed youth academies. Thinker, technically better than it first appears.

Man with a message

Flemming was also the player who unexpectedly removed a sock note after a goal scored against AZ to emphasize the importance of sport on behalf of his brother in coronation. Now he likes to be a messenger for supporters.

“The meeting was well organized by the club, with an idea of ​​how we could help each other out of this situation. It went very well,” he says proudly. “I felt that connection with the supporters again. Solidarity. It really brought me something that I definitely noticed when I was able to celebrate my goal against FC Utrecht with them a few days later.”

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