Transfer-free Locadia discusses future plans: “Before I return …”

Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 11:35 p.m.• Jordi Tomasowa • Last update: 23:54

Jürgen Locadia believes he may have left PSV too soon. The 28-year-old striker is currently playing for VfL in Bochum, but went against PSV Brighton & Hove Albion in January 2018 for around € 16 million. Locadia is non-transferable next summer and has played for Eindhoven for 7.5 years, but a return seems to be ruled out.

Locadia has been able to present impressive figures in the PSV service last season. The attacker scored a total of nine goals in fifteen official games and delivered six assists. This led him to move to Brighton during the winter transition window. Locadia hesitated to end the season, but eventually decided to switch Premier League. “Maybe I should have stayed on PSV for a few more months,” he admits now Eindhoven Daily.

“So what would have happened? It’s all in retrospect, but I might have been a little more successful in recent years, ”Locadia continues. “But on the other hand, don’t say great about the offer. I don’t regret it.” The adventure in Brighton was ultimately unsuccessful for the attacker, who played in 46 games. seagulls did not score more than 6 goals and 3 assists. “Of course I had the best years at PSV and I was trained there. My new club had a hard start due to an injury and I did far fewer minutes than before.

Locadia leased Brighton to TSG Hoffenheim and FC Cincinnati in recent years, followed by a transition-free departure to VfL Bochum earlier this year. “I had played in the Bundesliga before and I wanted to hit the minutes again at that level. It worked very well, but due to an injury I couldn’t play after that. German magazine Kicker announced earlier this week that Locadia no longer has a future in Bochum and will have to look for another club.

Next summer, the attacker will be free again, but it does not seem possible to return to PSV at the moment. “Partly due to injuries, all of this has been a little less than I wanted in recent years, but my ambitions are still there. I hope to be able to play abroad for a few more years before returning to Eredivisi.”

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