Two missed landings, passenger riot Video

Passengers on a JetBlue flight to New York JFK rebelled when the crew of their plane failed to land several times.

The Airbus A321, registration N973JT, was en route from Cancun (Mexico) to New York. After a flight of two and a half hours, the plane approached its destination. Bad weather caused the machine to circle three times over the coast of New Jersey. The pilots then twice attempted to land at John F. Kennedy International Airport. That didn’t work. They were diverted to Newark Liberty International Airport where the crew managed to land in one go.

The A321 circulates several times before being diverted to Newark ©

Let the passengers be heard

The A321 was then grounded before heading to JFK. Passengers had to wait on the plane for the storm to subside. However, one man did not like it and went to talk to the cabin crew. “People are in a panic. People there are sick. We have to get off this plane. It is dangerous. We have already been four times (according to Flightradar24 there were twice, a possible answer in a split second, ed.) trying to land. It is dangerous. We are afraid to fly. We want to get out … We’ve been on the road for six hours. The flight is three hours. It’s not your fault, it’s not their fault, we just want to get off! ”Said one passenger in a video recorded on board.

Conditions on the plane were no longer desirable the moment the machine landed at Newark Airport. “I don’t care about JFK. This is our life. This is our life, sorry. The people back there are sick. People faint. People have to surrender. A little respect for people “, the passenger continues. Eventually more people joined in with his desire to get off the A321.

Passengers also rebelled in 2015, when Air Europa was in flight. The reason for this was that some of them did not agree to land in Palma de Mallorca instead of the airport in Madrid. At the time of the disagreement, the machine was in Ibiza.

Twenty minutes of flight

JetBlue apologizes for the incident. “The plane landed for 60 minutes and when he was safe enough, he took off again for JFK where he landed. On this international flight, passengers could de U.S. Customs and Immigration properly cleared. No one was injured and we apologize for the inconvenience caused by these weather conditions, “the company said. PEOPLE.

On April 8, a few hours after the plane took off for Newark, the plane took off for JFK, arriving approximately twenty minutes later at 2:00 p.m.

JetBlue plane lands at JFK airport with delay ©

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