U.S. police have released photos of the deadly arrest of a black man

A lawyer for his closest relative told CNN that “there appears to be an execution.” The images, which police chief Eric Winstrom said may be shocking, show a police officer stopping Lyoya’s vehicle while stopping traffic. It was said that his car was stopped due to invalid license plates.

‘excessive force’

Lyoya then flees on foot and is chased by a police officer, whose identity has not been released. What follows is a long fight on the lawn, where the agent tries to use a taser but fails. Lyoya allegedly got hold of the taser, but this is not clear in the pictures.

When a detainee lies on his stomach, a police officer fires a deadly shot. Lyoya is hit in the head and dies on the spot. Attorney Benjamin Crump told CNN that “the footage shows unnecessary, excessive and fatal force used against an unarmed black man who feared for his life.”

mourn together

This week, more than 100 people demonstrated in front of Grand Rapids City Hall, with protesters shouting, among other things, “Black people’s lives matter.”

Police Chief Winstrom says he released the violent images in part in response to the demonstrations. He also met Lyoya’s father and mourned the death of the black man with him. “It’s just heartbreaking,” he told local media.

Tensions in the city

After police released the footage, dozens of people protested again last night in the Grand Rapids. The New York Times reports that the Lyoya case further increases tensions in the city of about 200,000 residents. Since the murder of black George Floyd in Minneapolis in 2020, much attention has been paid to fatal police brutality in the United States.

The agent in question is on paid leave and is not allowed to work until a criminal investigation is carried out.

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