“UEFA plays with the idea of ​​introducing wildcards in the Champions League”

UEFA is playing with the idea of ​​introducing wildcards in the Champions League. As a result, clubs that do not qualify through the competition will be able to participate in the highest tournament in Europe.

This is announced by various media. Example: In England, the first three clubs qualify directly for the Champions League, number four must pass the preliminary rounds. Based on the odds, the number five in the Premier League should be admitted to the Champions League. The idea is met with resistance, as many see it as a UEFA elite plan to save for bigger clubs that happen to have fewer seasons but could still make it to the Champions League.

According to the current rankings, Arsenal would be allowed to enter the Champions League, while the sixth West Ham United believes it deserves more than it can currently earn. “If we’re honest about a club that’s back in Europe, you have to say we’re new,” manager David Moyes (pictured) told the English media. “I bet UEFA didn’t expect West Ham to be in that position. But that’s what’s happening. And that’s why we need to continue to encourage UEFA to host other teams. See how well we’ve done.”

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